Hot tips for selling in winter

Hot tips for selling in winter

16 Jul 2014 By: Greg Hocking 0 Comment

There’s plenty of heat in the market this winter as buyers continue to hunt for their next property with the aim of purchasing ahead of the spring rush.


Sellers who are looking to get the jump on the spring competition are already starting to prepare their property for sale. When you’re selling in winter, there are two key presentation factors you need to maximise within your home: warmth and light.


Welcome buyers to your open for inspections with a warm and inviting property. Keep the heater on, drape a throw rug on the sofa and use plush cushions and accessories to up the comfort factor. Help your buyers see this as a property they’d happily stay indoors in over winter.


Light is a critical feature at any time of year, but particularly during winter. No one wants to buy a dark and gloomy home so throw open the curtains or raise the blinds to let as much natural light in as possible. Clean all windows and brighten up your interior to heighten the sense of warmth. Leave a lamp on to illuminate a dark room.


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