Countdown to spring

Countdown to spring

20 Aug 2014 By: Greg Hocking 0 Comment

It’s only a matter of days before spring is upon us and that’s the cue for would-be sellers to begin the important job of preparing their property for sale.


The purpose of the spring clean is to make your property as attractive as possible to as many buyers as possible. The more buyers who can picture themselves living in your property, the greater the chances of competition on auction day.


To boost the appeal of your property, it needs to shine – literally. Clean the windows, the walls, the window furnishings so that every ray of light enters the house. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders.


Be ruthless in your efforts to de-clutter. Not only will it make your property look more spacious, it can help buyers see how they’d arrange their own furniture and set up each room. (Much harder to do when a space is bursting with the seller’s very personal mementos).


Don’t forget the garden and the front entrance – street appeal is important. Does your property have a welcoming feel? Add a few fresh plants to the front garden, replace a tired letterbox and paint the fence if necessary.


For more tips about perfecting your presentation this spring, download a free copy of our report Presenting your home for sale.  

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