Green appeal: gardens and outdoor spaces

Green appeal: gardens and outdoor spaces

30 Sep 2014 By: Greg Hocking 0 Comment

An attractive garden or outdoor space is a feature that can set a property apart.

A green space needn’t be an ornate masterpiece to have the desired effect: a front garden that’s been spruced up with a couple of new plants and some fresh pine bark, a kitchen window that overlooks a herb garden, or an apartment balcony that features some greenery – all can add value in the eyes of buyers.

Though you’ll always find garden enthusiasts who are prepared to devote their weekends to upkeep (or are prepared to pay for a professional gardening service), the trend among buyers is a preference for practical spaces with low maintenance gardens.

Outdoor spaces are increasingly viewed as an extension of the property and often referred to as outdoor rooms. Any outdoor space, large or small, that’s optimised for entertaining will always rate well in the eyes of buyers.

Sellers – when you’re presenting your property for sale, showcase your outdoor space appropriately. If it’s small, don’t diminish the appeal by crowding the area with hulking outdoor furniture or an industrial size barbecue – use furnishings that enhance the space not detract from it.

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