Presenting your property in winter

Presenting your property in winter

9 Jun 2015 By: Greg Hocking 0 Comment

This winter is brimming with potential for sellers who are ready to make their move. With buyer demand outpacing new listings, competition at auction has been heating up and many sellers across Melbourne have been rewarded with great sale prices.

Smart presentation is important at any time of year, but in winter it’s critical.

Make your property shine during the cooler months by following our four winter presentation tips:

  1. Warm it up: make the interior as warm and inviting as you can. Keep heaters on during inspections so that buyers can take their time looking at your property rather than shivering through and making a quick exit.
  2.  Light it up: keep a light on in every room and throw open your blinds and curtains to let as much natural light in as possible.
  3.  Freshen it up: give the property a good airing out before inspections to eliminate any musty odours and let some fresh air in.
  4.  Frame it up: great photography is essential. Use a quality photographer who knows how to frame your property well to heighten its appeal.

If you’re looking for a great sales result this winter, call us today.

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