Families still make the property world go round

Families still make the property world go round

26 Aug 2015 By: Greg Hocking 0 Comment

Did you know families make up about 71% of all Australian households today?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, family groups are by far the biggest part of this country’s total population, which means they are also the biggest part of every vendor’s potential buyer market.

You may see your target buyer as a SINK (single income no kids) or a DINK (double income no kids) household. That may be true. But it doesn’t hurt to consider your home’s appeal to local families considering modern day families are not solely parents with several kids. They also include parents with one child, single parents and multi-generational groups. This means today’s families are not exclusively a three-bedroom house on a quarter-acre-block bunch.

Traditional family homes are still very appealing. But duplexes and townhouses close to schools and universities are also popular with smaller families and apartments are winning fans among parents with teenage or adult children.

So how can you make your home more attractive to the families market?

Here are a few ideas. If you’ve got any yard, a real boon to families with active youngsters, consider removing any exotic and/or spiky plants to make it more child-friendly. If your yard needs a tidy up before listing, simple healthy green grass can be highly appealing and equally important is water-safety. Are all water features in good condition and isolated from small children? Are pools fenced? Are stairwell railings sturdy (for big and little people)?

Call us today if you’d like help reviewing your home’s appeal to the broader market.

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