Advice for pollies on how to run a good campaign

Advice for pollies on how to run a good campaign

18 May 2016 By: Greg Hocking 0 Comment

Are you ready for the longest campaign in Australian history?

When the Federal Government finally put us out of our misery this month and announced it will send us back to the polls on July 2 it also launched a marathon eight-week electioneering campaign.

Now after 40 years in this business I know a few things about the rigours of campaigning, the importance of pacing yourself and complete transparency.

Every week my team lists new properties for sale by auction and, with few exceptions, begins a four week marketing and advertising campaign.

This activity usually results in a big crowd of prospective buyers on auction day and a competitive sale for our vendors.

And, to pull this off every week for about 10 months of the year, we know it is critical to build the buzz, respect our vendors’ wishes and always really listen to our buying market.

My advice to our political leaders who are currently slogging it out across the country debating important industry issues including negative gearing, superannuation changes, affordability and foreign ownership is this:

  • Jump out too quickly with big claims you cannot fulfil and you will run the risk of losing buyer and seller trust;
  • Play it cool and say nothing and you’ll lose people’s interest or make people nervous.

Either way this stifles confidence and that’s never helpful when striving for a positive result.

Get these fundamentals right and rest assured of a good turnout on July 2’s super “auction” day.

If you would like an obligation-free appraisal of your property call my team today.

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