Stellar Time To Enter Property ‘Musical Chairs’

Stellar Time To Enter Property ‘Musical Chairs’

8 Jun 2016 By: Greg Hocking 0 Comment


Winter is one of the best times of the year to sell and let me explain why.

If you think of the entire housing market as a game of musical chairs, at the moment it’s a prime time to own a chair.

Buyers trying to enter the market – or move between properties/chairs – are circling the game.

They are keen to play.

Round and round they go, attending open inspections, attending weekend auctions, hungry to secure a spot in the circle.

For, you see, in winter, when the days are shorter and the air is colder, fewer owners (of properties or chairs) are tempted to go to market.

And what this does is reduce the number of properties for sale at any given time despite the fact the number of prospective buyers doesn’t change.

In fact, with conditions so ripe thanks to historically low interest rates and our growing population, buyer numbers are swelling because stock volume is shrinking and that’s making that game of musical chairs a pretty high-paced and high-stakes game.

New listings in winters when the market is so upbeat, like this one, simply don’t linger long.

Nobody wants to stand near a vacant chair when those chairs are as prized as they are in 2016 and with clearance rates staying close to 75% every week since April, my tip is this will continue until spring.

Vendors who act quickly are highly likely to come away winners.

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