Vote counting doesn’t stop strong auction sales

Vote counting doesn’t stop strong auction sales

6 Jul 2016 By: Greg Hocking 0 Comment

Good real estate agents outperform in pressure cookers.

Week in week out we work hard to deliver results to our vendors, listen closely to our buying markets and stay calm – even during tough negotiations or hotly contested auctions.

Even as our country’s political future hung in the balance this weekend, we remained focused and delivered one of Melbourne’s strongest results of recent months.

According to CoreLogic, an exceptional 71.6% of Saturday’s 269 homes listed for auction found new owners, which tells us that even the longest federal election campaign in 50 years – and the highest political stakes in Australia – couldn’t distract local buyers from one of their strongest turnouts of this home selling season.

Clearly home ownership and investment remains one of the highest priorities in this land.

I have been in this business 40 years now; have survived many ups and downs.

After four decades in real estate sales, one of the most competitive and demanding industries in Australia, means you learn the importance of pacing yourself, leading with conviction, and having clear principles but always with awareness of the value of your team.

In real estate, as in politics, must spend countless hours out on the ground talking to people.

It goes with the turf. It’s humbling.

For if you lose touch with your community you are in trouble; do that, and expect to pay a steep price.

Meanwhile life goes on for this city’s upbeat, balanced property market (if not for all its politicians).

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Greg Hocking

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